Sensual products for the bath that are sulfate, lanolin, paraben and petrol free. This collection contains Bath Melts, Foaming Mineral Bath, Mineral Bath and Whipped Salt Scrubs.

  • Bath Melts:
  • Foaming Mineral Bath: Our Foaming Mineral Bath combines a bubble bath experience with the soothing effects of an Epsom salt soak, minus the sulfates!  Let these wonderful salts relax and recharge you!
  • Mineral Bath: As an addition to your bath, our Mineral Bath will soothe and entice you into spending entirely to long in the tub.  A sulfate-free alternative to Epsom salts with the added benefits of essential oils!
  • Whipped Salt Scrubs: Our Whipped Salt Scrub combines moisturizing properties of our body butter and the exfoliating wonders of a salt scrub, minus the sulfates!  Let where wonderful scrubs exfoliate and renew you!