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Men's Facial Care

Shaving Soap - Our legendary Shaving Soaps are a cream soap; a hybrid between liquid and solid soap that contains bentonite clay. These unique properties make a soap that lathers well and also protects the skin from razor burn and irritation. 

Beard Balm - A great addition to your men's collections! Our beard balm allows the user to sculpt their beard and mustache while conditioning, softening and nourishing it. The essential oils we use not only make beards smell great, they also moisturize them. 

Beard Oil - In addition to the Beard Balms we offer beard oils. They are leave-in conditioners that soften and nourish beards with a blend of oils. Our formula uses a combination of olive and castor oil that nourishes your beard while not becoming greasy. 

Facial Cream - This cream is designed to be ultra moisturizing yet gentle on your face. This is a great moisturizer for acne prone dry skin. 

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