About us

My name is Renee Behrendt, and my husband is Jarred Behrendt we are the owners and creators of Alaskan Dream Botanicals.  

Several years back I found out I'm allergic to Sulfates.  So, we started looking into everything in the house that contained Sulfates and we were amazed!  All our soaps, cleaning supplies, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, our laundry soap, and even many medications contained Sulfates!!  So, we set out to make all these products Sulfate free, so I wouldn't have reactions or problems anymore.  

We started out with just bar soap for ourselves. Then we went on to laundry soap, lotions, lip balms, healing salves, shampoos, mineral/foaming mineral bath, beard care, shaving soap, dog care, exfoliating salt scrubs and conditioner. We started giving out our products as gifts a couple years later and with the overwhelming feedback from family and friends we started selling products at Craft Fairs and Holiday Bazaars in 2015.  

We utilize essential oils to scent our products for their aromatherapy benefits. The oils we use are selected to promote a sense of well-being. Since our sense of smell is so strongly linked to memory recall, we aim to have our scents bring back memories of great adventures, comradery, relaxing strolls and other positive experiences we have had while exploring our great state of Alaska!

The herbs and other botanicals we use come from our gardens or are wild harvested. In every product we make there is a piece of Alaska. We source ingredients locally as much as possible.

We are always looking to expand our product line so keep an eye out for these great new products soon! Research and development of a new product usually takes a couple of years before products are ready to bring to market. This is due in large to our batching, testing, notetaking and repeating the process until the product is ready for the general public. Utilizing a select group of people mostly consisting of friends and family we test all of our products repeatedly to ensure that they work and live up to our standards.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!  We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and always welcome your feedback and product ideas!!

Renee & Jarred Behrendt