About us

Hi my name is Renee Behrendt and my husband is Jarred Behrendt!  A couple years back I found out I'm allergic to Sulfates.  So I started looking into everything in the house that contained Sulfates and was amazed!  All our soaps, cleaning supplies, lotions, shampoo/conditioners, and even our laundry soap and many medications contained Sulfates!!  So we set out to make all these products Sulfate free so I wouldn't have reactions or problems anymore.  We started out with just bar soap first, then we went on to laundry soap, lotions, lip balms, healing salves, and our last endeavor has been Shampoo with success!! Now on to Conditioner, I'm hopeful for the success of that endeavor soon!!  We have started using essential oils and herbs instead of store bought medications as well with much success, in fact some of the essential oils work much better then the store bought versions of things.

We started giving out our products as gifts a couple years ago and with the overwhelming feedback from family and friends we started selling products at Craft Fairs and Holiday Bazaars in 2015.  We now sell products wholesale to gift shops and markets to help get our products out there.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!  We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and always welcome your feedback and product ideas!!

Renee & Jarred Behrendt