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Body Butters


Due to summer temperatures melting our Body Butters we will only be offering them online to be shipped October thru March

However, please check out our New Lotion Product Line, they are our same great Body Butters just in liquid form, so they are stable to ship Year-Round! 

Pamper your skin with one of our amazing moisturizers!  Our Body Butters are packed with the highest quality butters and oils that melt on contact with your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and wonderfully scented!

We have two variations of body butter; Everyday and Spa Grade.  

  • In our Everyday use body butter we use hypoallergenic scent oils that are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free to scent them.
  • In our Spa Grade body butter we use only therapeutic grade organic essential oils to scent them.
  • Any time that we can produce the scent using essential oils we do so. Due to a feedback, and in keeping with our Mission Statement in regards to sustainability, many of the Body Butters are only made in the Spa Grade.

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