Alaskan Fisherman Hand Soap

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Alaskan Fisherman Hand Soap - Alaskan Dream Botanicals

The Alaskan Fisherman Hand Soap smells like a high end fishing lodge.

A mild woodsy scent, that appeals to the fisherman. The smell of the woods, crispness of the air, the cool feel of crystal clear water running about your feet are just a few things that come to mind when smelling this wonderful soap. A combination of fresh balsam fir and spicy sandalwood aroma and the warm earthy scent of cedar wood, with base notes of vanilla and musk.

It also works like a commerical fisherman; removing dirt, grime, oil and scent from your hands and tools.

This soap will leave you and your tools clean and smelling great!


Saponified Coconut Oil, Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Saponified Canola Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Pure Alaska Water, Sodium Borate (Borax), Cedarwood , Sandalwood and Balsam Essential Oils.


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