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Bar Soaps

Our Bar Soaps are hand made and hand packaged using as many locally Alaska sourced materials as possible.  Our soaps lather very well and do an amazing job of cleaning while being gentle on the skin.  Leaving you feeling clean and amazing!

We have two variations of bar soaps; Everyday and Spa Grade.  

  • In our Everyday use bar soaps we utilize Alaskan Grown™ oats as the exfoliant, and Alaska Grown™ beef tallow for its moisturizing properties.  We use hypoallergenic scent oils that are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free to scent these soaps.
  • In our Spa Grade bar soaps we utilize raw shea butter to make them more moisturizing, we use ground herbs to color them, and we also use local Alaskan Grown™ herbs as exfoliants and Alaskan Grown™ beef tallow.  We use only therapeutic grade organic essential oils to scent these soaps.
  • Any time that we can produce the scent using essential oils we do so. Due to a feedback, and in keeping with our Mission Statement in regards to sustainability, many of the Bar Soaps are only made in the Spa Grade.

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